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Dr.and Mrs. Eugene H. Blackstone

9721 Lakeshore Blvd
Bratenahl OH 44108


Phone: (216) 870-7672

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From the West, exit from I90 on Martin Luther King (MLK). Turn left (north) at traffic light, and road becomes Lakeshore Blvd after second traffic light. Follow the road for 1 mile. From the East, exit from I90 at Eddy Road. Turn right at traffic light (no turn on red) and proceed north to Lakeshore Blvd (traffic light), and turn left. From exit to Spring Bank Lane is 1 mile. 


Entrance to our house is on Spring Bank Lane, a private drive off Lakeshore Boulevard. A bus stop booth is to the west (left, looking down the lane) and a fire hydrant to the right. Lakeshore Blvd makes a sharp bend at that point, intersecting on the south (eastbound) side with Burton Avenue and Garfield Lane. On Spring Bank Lane, our house is the middle one of 3 between Lakeshore Blvd and Lake Erie.


Plenty of on-street parking is available across Lakeshore Boulevard on Burton Avenue and on Garfield Lane. Except for very small groups, this is preferable to parking on Spring Bank Lane, which is quite narrow. For many events, the parking lot behind the Bratenahl Community Center is available as well.

Need Assistance?

There is a ramp built into the concrete steps leading down to the main gallery entrance. We strongly suggest that even able-bodied folks use the ramp instead of the steps!


If an elevator is needed to get to the main floor, continue driving down Spring Bank Lane instead of parking on the street and turn left into the driveway.  Continue around to the single car garage, next to which is the side (North) entrance. That area will accommodate up to 5 cars, one behind each of the three garage doors and 2 more in the driveway. The elevator to either second (main) or third (balcony) floor is just to the left after you enter the house.

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